About Us

Welcome to Hannah's Treasures Vintage Wallpaper! We're so happy that you're here.

Who We Are

We are Marilyn and Hannah, a mother-daughter team of vintage wallpaper lovers and collectors. We rummage through the dusty corners of the US (and other countries) searching for authentic, old stock wallpaper rolls dating all the way back to the 1900s. 

While we tuck away some rolls in our own private cache, most of the paper that we find we gladly make available to other vintage wallpaper enthusiasts like you! All of our papers are authentic, old stock wallpaper rolls printed between the 1930s and 1970s. We DO NOT reproduce the patterns and our inventory is not made up of modern reproductions--they are the real thing! 

From old hardware stores and attics to barns and basements and everywhere else we can think to look, we search far and wide for these precious, scattered rolls of American (and European) design history to bring them together and ultimately to share with you!


How We Got Started

Marilyn Krehbiel, owner and founder of Hannah's Treasures, has been collecting vintage wallpaper for over 31 years. She began her collection in the early 1990s and used the old papers to create vintage wallpaper covered bandboxes. Though she experienced success and received much publicity for her handmade boxes, Marilyn's passion for the vintage wallpaper itself rapidly expanded beyond her own craft. She became more and more interested in the wide variety of vintage wallpaper patterns that existed and the endless possibilities of their contemporary use. Marilyn traded her single-focus creator mentality for the expanded view of a collector and admirer, and over time, the business followed.

Hannah's Treasures' focus has shifted from selling handmade vintage wallpaper bandboxes to providing authentic rolls of vintage wallpaper to other artists, homeowners, and designers across the world. Marilyn finds joy in sharing her love of vintage wallpaper with other like-minded individuals and admiring all the brilliant ways that her customers incorporate vintage wallpaper into their own lifestyles and businesses. 

In 2013, Marilyn's daughter Hannah officially decided to join in on the vintage wallpaper fun! From a childhood spent playing with the vintage wallpaper scraps at Mom's feet and years of watching the dream grow, Hannah's passion for vintage wallpaper seems to have been born into her. It gives Hannah great pleasure to work alongside her mom, sharing in this very unique and personal passion together. 


What Makes Us Special

Collections aren't something one just stumbles into (though we have run across our fair share of vintage wallpaper stockpiles). Real collections are cultivated. They are planted as young dreams in the tough soil of life's uncertainty and developed through years of hard work. They are watered and fed by the blessings of each new relationship, unexpected encounter, and brave exploration along the way. They are sheltered by grace and upheld by vision, and their inevitable byproduct is a long list of stories (some uplifting, some challenging, but all of them incredible). 

Because we have been cultivating our collection for many years, each of our rolls of vintage wallpaper is infused with two histories--the date that they were printed and also the personal history of their journey into our hands. Like any good seed sown, our collection certainly produces more than we could have ever expected, rewarding us with friendships, laughter, satisfaction, and joy, and we are very privileged to share in all of this with you.