Defining "Vintage" May 09 2018

There is some ambiguity around the word “vintage” when it's referring to products you can buy. Have you noticed?

Sometimes vintage means “old”. Sometimes vintage means “looks old”.
Sometimes products are labeled 'vintage' to reference a throwback style; other times the word vintage actually refers to the actual age of the product.

For our Hannah's Treasures Vintage Wallpaper collection, "vintage" always means actually old -- authentic old stock wallpaper, manufactured years ago and hidden away until it was found and collected by us many decades later. 

Things to know about the Hannah's Treasures Vintage Wallpaper collection...

DIY: How to Hang Vintage Wallpaper March 21 2018

Never fear! Hanging vintage wallpaper is fun! We've gathered helpful tips from vintage decorating books, trusted paperhangers, and our own experience to put together these instructions for hanging vintage wallpaper. Here's what you do: 

What You Will Need (Main Items)

vintage wallpaper // wheat paste // paste brush // wallpaper smoothing brush // seam roller // 6 ft. work table // 6 ft. straight edge // plumb bob and chalk line or laser level // rotary cutter // scissors // 2 ft. ruler // ladder