Now Available: Digital Scans of Out-of-Stock Vintage Wallpaper Patterns January 06 2022

Please check out our new website, Vintage Wallpaper Archive, which we have just launched to be an expansive digital library of wallpaper scans for your design inspiration and use.

Vintage Wallpaper Archive will house images of patterns no longer available in physical form. Our goal is to extend the life of each design from our collection beyond its physical presence and to preserve each pattern for years to come.

For the last 30 years, we’ve made a practice of saving a last remnant of each pattern before sending it away for good. This new branch of our collection is our labor of love decades in the making.

Our scans are available for purchase on our new site and are high-resolution TIFF images, 300 dpi, with original details and identifying markings noted. These images are meant to be authentic and high quality source material for whatever design project you have in mind.

Please browse through our current collection to get a first glimpse of what we are offering and what is to come. Our digital library is small now, but we are adding new things continually. We hope that you’ll find fresh creative inspiration with new accessibility to these amazing vintage wallpaper patterns.

Rest assured though, if you love that physical paper and really just want the "real deal", we will continue to offer physical rolls of authentic vintage wallpaper right here on this Hannah's Treasures website.